Your Questions Answered: What you need to know before hiring a content writer

Your content writing questions answered

Outsourcing your content writing can be a highly cost-effective business decision. Suddenly, you have more time to concentrate on core business while your reports and blogs are all expertly taken care of.

But first you need to find a content writer and editor who is right for your business and your budget.

To help narrow down your search, here are some answers to the questions you may have in mind.

1. How much do content writers charge?

As there is no set rate for content writing, you will typically get a wide range of quotes. For example, a blog of 500 words could cost as little as £30 or as much as £600.

How much a writer charges is based on their level of expertise, knowledge and experience, as well as the overall amount of time required to complete the work – not just writing, but also research, client meetings, and revisions.

Some writers charge by the hour or by the day, while others prefer to quote a set rate per assignment or a per word rate.

2. How can I make sure I get value for money?

There are an abundance of content mills offering their services at super-cheap rates, but it’s a lottery. You may be lucky enough to discover a wonderful writer who delivers exactly what you need, but it’s just as likely you will spend more time editing their work than it would take you to write the content yourself.

Only consider writers who have a professional website, ideally one that shows examples of their work and testimonials. Narrow down your search to three or four candidates that look like they will be a good fit and then contact them to arrange a brief chat. When asking about rates, be as specific as you can, e.g., “How much will you charge for a 800 word blog for a travel company on places to visit in the UK in 2023? You will have to source 3 stock photos.”

If you have ongoing content requirements, such as a regular blog or newsletter, you will get the best value for money by negotiating a package rate or a retainer for a set number of hours per month. The quote should include scope for one or two rounds of revisions.

3. Do I need a specialist writer?

This may seem counter-intuitive, but you don’t need a writer or editor who works solely in your area of expertise. Why not? Because someone who knows only financial services, for example, can often be too enmeshed in the financial services world and its jargon to be able to write for a general audience.

Look instead for an experienced content writer or editor with several specialisms, who also has a broad general knowledge base and proven research capabilities. Their most important skill is their ability to communicate eloquently to your target audience in a succinct and engaging way. The rest is research.

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Your Questions Answered: What you need to know before hiring a content writer
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