Why ChatGPT is the fast food of content writing

There’s not a professional writer alive right now who isn’t afraid that they could be replaced by AI. Platforms like LinkedIn and Reddit are full of comments from content writers lamenting that their clients have ditched their services on the basis that ChatGPT can write blogs, social media posts, and reports in seconds. Thankfully, this […]


DCM’s founder Dawn Gibson-Fawcett has been a regular contributor to UK and international magazines for many years, including global lifestyle publication Time Out, fashion title Glam, Qatar Airways’ first class magazine Oryx Premium and international luxury travel magazine The Cultured Traveller (See ‘Work’ for examples of articles). Specialties include lifestyle journalism, workplace and social trends, […]

Corporate Content

The demands of modern business mean that even companies with highly competent communications and marketing teams often have more comms work than they can handle. As well, in-house staff sometimes require additional support during extremely busy periods. DCM can help take the pressure off by providing content, copywriting, proofreading and editing for in-house and external […]

Digital Media & Copywriting

Getting noticed in a crowded marketplace requires attention-grabbing content. Make your company stand out with thought-provoking, well-crafted writing about: your company’s products, latest news and achievements cutting-edge research in your industry profiles and interviews featuring your staff and clients a professionally written Facebook page and LinkedIn profiles DCM can craft persuasive, engaging copy about any […]

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